We are comfortable with all design styles, from rustic log homes to beachfront cottages, from traditional to contemporary. We innovate in all environments.

Every home tells a story. Our goal is to transform individual spaces in your home into an overall style that reflects your individual character and provides you with the comfort and happiness that people have found in Muskoka for generations.

Window Coverings

Bamboo blinds are beautiful and rustic. They provide fading /heat protection, and let light through at the same time. For those that love bamboo but want better coverage, we suggest lining them to provide better coverage. The photo of the bamboo/woven blinds do not have lining.

It is pleasant to walk into a sunny room and see some light peeking through blinds, knowing furniture is being protected and not have the room pitch black. If you prefer to sleep in blackout conditions then drapes are still the preferred choice over blinds, for a variety of reasons. There is always a hairline crack around blinds, simply, because you cannot make them any tighter and they have a bracket to fit the window. Full length drapery will provide black out conditions. While blinds plus drapery panels are sufficient it still remains a personal preference.

Roller blinds blend with wood and do not hang down blocking your view. Bamboo hangs down far and will shrink the view window.

We recommend drapes in a bedroom, simply to provide warmth and colour. Beautiful drapery fabric can provide a very warm richness to a room. Whether just panels, or full drapes it is a detail that acts as a finishing touch.

If you were in your room and had these blinds down and all the lights on, brightly shiny I would say the person in your attached Muskoka room would see a shadow/shape/figure of some sort, but not great detail.


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