We are comfortable with all design styles, from rustic log homes to beachfront cottages, from traditional to contemporary. We innovate in all environments.

Every home tells a story. Our goal is to transform individual spaces in your home into an overall style that reflects your individual character and provides you with the comfort and happiness that people have found in Muskoka for generations.

Unlocking the Potential of Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the most fulfilling ways of expanding your living space is to think outside the box – literally. The structure of your home or cottage need not limit your imagination. Outdoor living spaces create unique opportunities to entertain, relax and otherwise enjoy the great outdoors.  

We specialize in helping clients reimagine the potential of their outdoor living space. We start with a few key questions: 

  • How is the space being used and what is its full potential?
  • What is the client’s lifestyle? Do they enjoy entertaining and relaxing outdoors?
  • Would the outdoor space become the focal point of entertaining?

Then we get into greater detail. How outdoor space is used is unique to every family and landscape. This could mean a focus on luxurious dining space. It could mean an area built around a social gathering point, like a firepit, and it depends on whether clients envision a co-mingling of their food preparation space – such as their BBQ – and their entertaining space, among many other personalized options.  

We get a thrill helping our clients enjoy the full potential of their living spaces, indoors and outdoors. Beginning with the first conversation about an idea through to the first dinner party in the new finished space, our goal is to bring to life a space where many years of memories are waiting to be made.


Designed For Your Life



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