We are comfortable with all design styles, from rustic log homes to beachfront cottages, from traditional to contemporary. We innovate in all environments.

Every home tells a story. Our goal is to transform individual spaces in your home into an overall style that reflects your individual character and provides you with the comfort and happiness that people have found in Muskoka for generations.

This Spring, Enjoy the Benefits of Open Concept Dining

Family dinners shared with friends and neighbors are an endured tradition in Muskoka.

With the arrival of Spring and Easter less than a month away, cottage owners will soon dust off their counters and stock the pantry in preparation for the weekends ahead. On any occasion (and in any season) cottage gatherings are rooted in the food served; from straight-off-the-barbeque burgers to homemade lasagnas, every meal is a memory in the making.

In the past two decades, interior design has shifted away from the closed-off traditional dining room, especially in cottage country. Knocking down the walls to the traditional dining room has given the cook more room to move around, and more importantly, it’s created a space for families and friends to spend more time together.

It’s also opened more creative opportunities for the home-owner. One HillTop-at-home favorite is to arrange a buffet on the kitchen island. This allows detailed glassware, Spring-inspired serviettes, and a crisp white runner, for example, to stand out. Plus, the fun starts during meal prep, with helping hands in the living room nearby or friends parked at the island with a glass of wine to keep the cook company.

With any table setting this Spring, make sure you include a big splash of color. For a more dramatic effect, root the look in dark greys and deep blues, like a navy patterned plate, and add refreshing light pink and lilacora touch subtle orange and yellow.

For a classic Spring theme, lead with green. With so many vibrant shades to choose from, like celery green, seafoam blue and hunter green, it’s hard not to bring cravings for outdoor greenery inside.

At HillTop Interiors, it wouldn’t be Spring without literally bringing that outdoor greenery in. This is best done with a touch of Tulip. Grab a bundle in your favorite color and display them as the table’s centerpiece.


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