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Summer Bedding and the Polished Wabi Sabi

At the cottage, summer days are best spent outdoors. Having said that, there is nothing like new, crisp, fresh bedding. Summer bedding is best-kept light, and as straight forward as this sounds, there are many ways to refine this. Things like texture, layers, bright colours, and patterns can be used to achieve a breezy and casual bedroom.

Currently, households are leaning towards the more unkept and relaxed look, or as many are calling it these days, the Wabi Sabi. In theory, this Japanese philosophy recommends we embrace and celebrate innovative imperfection. However, there is a fine line between achieving the Wabi Sabi and simply creating a mess.

At HillTop Interiors, we recommend you keep a polished Wabi Sabi, especially in the bedroom, and we’ll tell you how.


A crisp, white seersucker duvet cover is a great place to start, and a HillTop favored look this time of year. It’s textured, it’s fresh and it opens the bed up to creative options for pillows, sheets and throws.

Pair the seersucker with a smoky hue or sand colour sheets, Moroccan-inspired patterned pillows and a cable knit blanket. The key to pulling this look together is to thread bold design subtlety, and simply use a pattern as a means to elevate the minimalist feel.

Lightweight Quilts

Choosing a lightweight quilt over a duvet is a popular choice for the summer and one we can get behind (and beneath!). It’s a great way to introduce some playful colour to the bed and wield the Wabi Sabi; with simple pillows and sheets–in supporting neutral colours–it’s a relaxed look and easy to maintain.


The allure of floral sheets is undeniable after a long Muskoka winter. Keep the floral simplistic and soft. The more delicate the flower the better. Look for duvet covers or sheets within watercolor blues, soft yellows, light mint greens and pale pinks with a plain white backdrop.

In any direction you take to your summer bedding this year, remember that comfort is most essential. And although the bed sheets might be tucked in and pillows puffed, there are plenty of other avenues to practice the Wabi Sabi in your life in the year ahead.


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