We are comfortable with all design styles, from rustic log homes to beachfront cottages, from traditional to contemporary. We innovate in all environments.

Every home tells a story. Our goal is to transform individual spaces in your home into an overall style that reflects your individual character and provides you with the comfort and happiness that people have found in Muskoka for generations.

Choosing Artwork

As an artist and lover of nature, I recognize the importance of surrounding oneself with great art.

Your house is not a home until it has the pieces of art that express who you are. Whether a simple sculptor, or great work of art the choices you make in your art, whether an abstract painting or scenic photograph, radiate your interests and exude your personality. It can be an easy way to bring nature inside, in one form or another. Artwork can be the wildcard that allows you to have a bit of fun.

If you walk by a gallery and there is a painting that screams out to you, then it should be given consideration, even if it is a little more than presently budgeted for. It is those pieces, that are worth the investment, and will always bring you joy.

A few of years ago I was working on a project in the city, and there were many decorating items to contend with. My client had a number of blank walls, but they were not even a mention, or on the list. As I was leaving the home on one of my visits, I happened to drive past a galleryand there in the window was a piece that was perfect. I immediately called my client and they drove to the gallery and purchased it. It was perfect for their space, and took up most of their wall, at least 12 feet wide, and 9 feet tall. The funny thing is they most likely had driven past this same painting for a good couple of weeks and had not even noticed it. It completed the room and was quite the statement. Sometimes you just need that different set of eyes to help you decide on a piece of artwork.

Choosing artwork can be the last step in completing your furnished room. It can take the form of a bold textured, colourful piece that adds visual excitement to the room. Or it can be subtle, or black and white, and simply be that piece that adds some interest to the wall. Sometimes waiting until all the pieces are in place, can be easier and in most cases, it allows you to look at the art pieces for what they are, instead of rushing to just get something on the wall. Art is very personal and can take many forms, and style. Having furnishings in place can help with the sizing of the piece, along with choosing the right mood for the room. You can ask for assistance, even if you know what you are looking for, just to confirm your thoughts and make the right choice. A simple rule of thumb would be that there can only be one conductor in the room, so only allow one piece stand apart from the rest. Others should be the choir, singing in unison.

Artwork defines your space, experiment, try different pieces before you decide, and allow it to be a reflection of you.


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