We are comfortable with all design styles, from rustic log homes to beachfront cottages, from traditional to contemporary. We innovate in all environments.

Every home tells a story. Our goal is to transform individual spaces in your home into an overall style that reflects your individual character and provides you with the comfort and happiness that people have found in Muskoka for generations.

10 Tips on How to Achieve Modern Rustic Design

Muskoka is defined by its beautiful forests and many lakes, and we at HillTop Interiors are always eager to bring the outdoor inspiration inside. In Muskoka homes, it’s typical to find wood, stone, brick and granite-lined interiors, traditionally furnished with bulky furniture and many decorative pieces.

Now, we’re seeing a shift to the sought-after modern look with rustic design components.

The popularity of Modern Rusticlies in its ability to tell a story; rustic elements recount the history of the region and the home, while the modern details show the move toward open space. Most importantly, the mix manifest personal individuality and paints the final stroke on the canvass.

Although Modern Rusticis popularly seen as pairing modern décor with a rustic framework, new developments hold a lot of potential for the Modern Rustic appeal, too. Whether you’re bringing modern elements into a rustic home or rustic elements into your modern home, here’s how you can achieve the look.

Tips for making a rustic home more modern

1. Leave exposed beams, stone fireplaces and wooden floors. These are the elements you want to emphasize, and they will thread the rustic theme throughout.

2. Don’t be afraid to paint over existing material. This includes wood, brick or stonewalls. Incorporating colour to the interior, like cool-greys and warm-whites, is a modern design staple and allows for fun pops of colour through accessories that will accent other rustic features.

3. Subtly incorporate modern colour. If you’re designing a new kitchen or bathroom, choose a marble with a grey vein or hints of grey to match with the new grey or off-white walls, or add a contrast colour, like dark grey or black.

4. Keep your space open and interiors simplified. For bigger items, like couches and dining room tables, find simplistic, light-weight furniture to keep the air flowing. Use smaller pieces with texture and a little bit of colour to personalize the space with your favorite things.

5. Find décor that model the Modern Rustic feel. Continue to tell the story of rustic modern design in the little pieces around the home. Refurbished furniture items are a perfect mix of old and new. Pieces like driftwood-framed mirrors and tables with combined materials are popular choices.

Tips for turning a modern home more rustic

1. Add beam work to the ceiling or a rustic beam mantle. If you can, add these wooden elements into your modern home to incorporate a rustic theme.

2. Replace all carpet with hardwood flooring. Seems simple enough, but this will substantially change the look and feel of your modern home. To strengthen your connection to the outdoors, choose wood you can find in the forest surrounding, like maple or oak. Also, hardwood veneers have come a long way.

3. Decorate with live-edge wood furniture. Available in all shapes, sizes and colours, live-edge wooden furniture gives the home an immediate rustic feel. Try not to overdo it. Choose one special piece like a dining room table or hall table.

4. Choose fixtures and décor with natural elements. This can be as simple as a wooden bowl copper tray purchased abroad.

5. Add texture. Wool throws, woven pillows and jute rugs add spirit to a room. These tactically-rich materials are a perfect rustic pairing, as they exude the cozy, welcoming rustic ambiance, and even add a bit of nostalgia.


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